• Christian Education – Knowing God and his precepts is one of the important parts of LMS Education.  Through daily prayer, songs of worship, storytelling, arts and crafts, children will learn about God’s word and the Christian faith.
  • Practical Life – Children learn to undertake daily activities such as pouring water, sweeping, sewing, tying shoelaces and cleaning to develop control and coordination of movement, fine motor skills, and awareness of their environment, orderly thought patterns, independent work habits and responsibility.
  • Sensorial – Using simple and precise sensorial apparatus, children sort things by size, shape, color, touch, sound, temperature and weight.  A solid foundation is laid for mathematics, geometry, geography, art and music.
  • Mathematics – With well-prepared logical and sequential thought patterns from practical life activities, and a sense of mathematical order from sensorial, children use the simplest mathematical apparatus to isolate one concept at the time while dealing sensorialy with abstraction.  They learn the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in the most concrete form.  They literally carry, borrow, and change the quantity involved. 
  • Reading-Writing – Children use traditional Montessori materials such as sand paper letters and movable alphabets as tools to expand their already rich spoken language when they come to our Montessori environment.  After many pre-reading exercises, children use phonics, along with other Christian reading materials to excel in their reading and writing skills. 
  • Zoology – Through the study of vertebrates and invertebrates, children learn about animals and life cycles.   They will also learn responsibility in caring for creatures of the earth.
  • Botany – Children’s love for God’s natural world is nourished by the exploration of plants and their growing process through cultivating their own garden.   With Montessori Botany materials, they will learn about leaf shapes, parts of plants, leaves and flowers, which create the foundation for future scientific knowledge. 
  • Science   Besides biomes study, botany and zoology, children learn to understand the wonder of God’s perfect creation by studying health science, physical science in the three year program.
  • Geography – With the understanding of land masses and bodies of water, children learn about the mighty creation of God.  They become aware of their dependency on the environment and the responsibility for the earth they share with many other forms of life.
  • Complimentary Programs:

Music – In addition to the basic music appreciation and activities, children receive instructions on basic musical elements such as rhythm, melody, tone, etc. 

Art- A comprehensive art program is incoorpated to help students to appreciate and create art by learning about its elements, famous artists and their work. 

  • Enrichment Program – classes such as sports, foreign language, music and art are available for a low monthly fee.

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