Outdoor Classroom

We’ve Moved!

Perfecting Gross Motor Skills in our outdoor classroom

I’m sitting in my office looking out through my window and into my assistant Carol’s office.  We have finally moved!  In fact, we have been operating at this new site since last Tuesday, July 5.

The past month has been crazily busy but we are now enjoying the fruit of our labor.  The classrooms now have new floors and are set up beautifully.

My Favorite part of being at the new site has been watching the children doing their morning exercises and sports games in the courtyard, also known as our Outdoor Classroom.  Our courtyard has fresh green grass around a large wood deck.  The most charming aspect of it is the large tree that shades half of the courtyard throughout the day.  It is so inviting I want to just put a hammock out and take a nap there in the middle of the afternoon.

So, what’s next?

We’re planning for our Grand Opening  Celebration on August 20 (mark the date.)  This will be a time of celebration and dedication.  We want to thank all the people who played a part in making this move a success and want to dedicate the school to the service and glory of God.

Ms. Katie, LMS Director

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