• Unparalleled Excellence in Education – Our children’s educational standard needs to be competitive in the global market. Studies indicate America’s education system to be trailing those of European and Asian counties.  LMS’s education is constructed at the highest standard of excellence, and includes core curriculums (such as science and foreign language, to name a few) on a weekly basis.  The content and expectation of study at LMS is at least one or two grades above public schools and most other private schools.
  • Solid Biblical Teaching – In a world of shifting morals and ethics, it is important for children to receive a consistent and in-depth teaching of the Bible on a daily basis.  Knowing God at a young age will set your child apart with a solid understanding of God’s precepts.  He/she will become a person of upstanding character.  There are so many confusing values being impressed upon our children today.  We want to help them develop and become uncompromising in values such as honesty, integrity, and complete faith in God.  Our students are nurtured to be people of influence. 
  • Two educational systems in one – We offer the time-proven Montessori Method that enables the students to excel at the most concrete and advanced level.  We also use texts from non-Montessori curriculum as a supplement for use at home.  Our children master the skills to excel in the required work for both Montessori and non-Montessori curriculums. 
  • Subjects – Reading, Writing, Grammar and Spelling, Mathematics, Geometry, Zoology, Botany, Science, History, Sensorial, Practical Life, Computer Science, Music, Art, Foreign Language, Physical Education.
  • Low teacher/student ratio – Teacher/Student ratio is set at no more than 1:12.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum – In addition to core subjects such as reading, writing, and math, our program offers strong science, history, music, art, and foreign language programs.  These are not extracurricular activities; they are all part of our core subjects, taught on a regular basis throughout the year. 
  • Highly Qualified Staff – Our staff is well-trained in Elementary Education (State Certified) with additional training in Montessori education at the elementary level. 
  • Spacious Campus – Our spacious campus provides ample room for student gardens and Physical Education classes. 
  • Our Educational Philosophy – Our mission is to nurture generations of young achievers who are passionate for God.  We uphold the responsibility of training children in excellence in order to prepare them for meaningful and prosperous careers.  They will be leaders in their chosen industry because of the character and skills they’ll develop here.  Our children will influence the world in which they live. 

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